Monday 3 July 2017



  • Introduced by ACERTARA.
  • Easy to use portable device.
  • Next generation probe testing device of Firstcall
  • It directly visualize the sound energy emanating from the probe's aperture that allows the quick and accurate diagnosis of the probe; that is it measures the acoustic pressure at the probe head.
  • It test the probe as they are connected to the host ultrasound system.
  • It can be used for testing any ultrasound systems and probes.
  • It do not need any external adapters for testing purpose. 
  • It is designed to test all types of probes ; especially 2D matrix probes having large number of elements.
  • It easily detect the dead elements and other common probe failures with high speed and accuracy.

An AUREON generated Ultrasound probe testing report

To know more about the device click here

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