Saturday 26 December 2015


Probe is the most sensitive and most often damaged link in the ultrasound image quality chain since they are easy to drop, cables kinked/stressed & fragile elements. So it is necessary that all probes should be tested upon acquisition/upgrade/repair as well as quarterly and must be tested at least semiannually including probe ports to allow problems to be identified before diagnostic utility is significantly impacted. To test the quality of ultrasound transducers we go for first call test.

What is first call?????

     The first call aPerio TM is a unique portable, high speed testing device designed to measure the relevant acoustic and electrical parameters of most electronic array transducers. It provides repeatable and quantifiable data required to determine the operational effectiveness of ultrasound transducers.

Why first call????

     First call data is reported in a format that allows clear tracking of performance changes in transducers in such a way that it reveals any early change in the probe that may be cost effectively repaired before the probe fails and requires replacement or repairing at a much higher expense.

It helps the user to:

WHEN WE NEED TO REPAIR THE PROBE ???? Many of the probe damages are repairable at initial state. But in many cases the Practitio...