Tuesday 20 June 2017


These are the small ultrasound probe with a finger clip ,that is adapted to mounted on human finger. It slides onto clinician's index finger,allowing them to put hand on the patient for physical exam. The first finger mounted probe SonoEye is developed by Sonivate Medicals

  • The finger probes are supported by the clip
  • The interior surface is adapted to contact in human finger
  • It has a micro array architecture
  • It has a mass less than 280 gm

1.Finger Clip 
  • Adapted to mount on human finger.
  • Providing support to the probe
  • Adapted to mate to a user-worn mating connector-half
3. Multi conductor cable
  • Electrically connector to the connector
  • Small size
  • Flexible
  • Quickly Detachable 
  • Analysis of wounds
  • Analysis of fluid flow
  • To carry out guided biopsies
  • Can be used to diagnose torn muscles, Tendor tissues ,Fractures, Internal bleeding and swollen organs
  • Surgical applications
USG image of Heart by a finger mounted Transducer
To watch the finger mount transducer application click here

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