Monday 29 August 2016


TEE Probes are the esophageal probes. The leakage in this kind of probes may cause esophageal injury to the patients. So it is very necessary to perform the leak test on the probe for ensuring the  safety of the patients.

Causes of electric leakage in TEE probes
  • Hole or bite mark in the rubber insulation
  • Improper use of disinfection
  • Fluid infiltration
  • Corrosion
Equipment required for leak testing
  1. TEE Basin
  2. Enzymatic solution (Saline solution)
  3. TEE Leakage current tester
  4. TEE Adaptor
  • Pre-clean the TEE probe
  • Inspect the probe for bite mark,hole etc
  • Fill the TEE with saline solution (Eg:- Aspeti-zyme)
  • Attach the TEE probe adaptor
  • Place the TEE probe in the solution in such a way that the entire probe is fully immersed int the saline water and not the handles
  • Place the adaptor's dual electrode in the saline water
  • Conduct leakage test in TEE leakage tester
  • Evaluate the results 

To watch the TEE probe leak testing video click here

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