Monday 13 June 2016


These are the materials helping to prevent transfer of microorganisms, body fluid and particulate materials to the patient and health care workers during reuse of the transducers.

Need of Ultrasound covers
  • Prevents cross contamination
  • Reduces the need of sterilization after each use
  • Prevents the direct contact between gel and probe head ,hence reduces the risk of probe damage.


  1. Latex Type
  2. Latex free Type
  3. Self adhesive Type

Latex type
  • Cover material is latex

Later free Type
  • Cover material is Polyurethane

Self Adhesive latex free Type
  • Cover material is Polyethylene
  • It eliminates the use of gels.

Properties of covers based on the applications

Covers used for urology and Gynecology applications
  • Thin
  • Made of very tear resistance materials
  • Straight or tapered shape
  • Sterile and non Sterile versions are available
Covers for Cardiology applications
  • Latex free products
  • Sterile and non sterile versions are available.

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