Monday 6 June 2016


         The following recommendations help to reduce preventable transducer damages and support a long life for transducers. 


  • Handle all transducers with extreme care.
  • Ensure that connected transducers are placed in the probe holder. 
  • Wall-mounted transducer holders with lens facing up. 
  • If a transducer appears to be damaged,discontinue use and notify the service representative.

Possible physical damages are limited to:  

                       1.  Bend or broken probe pins.
                       2.  Cable cut or splitting.
                       3.  Surface cracks.
                       4.  Exposed wires or sheilding.
                       5.  Fluid leaks.                                                                                                                                     

  • Disconnect transducers from ultrasound system prior to cleaning or disinfecting.           
  • Clean and disinfect all transducers following procedures contained in the system basic user manual.
  • Follow the chemical manufacture  recommendation regarding use and handling of the chemical.    
  • Always use bit guards with transesophageal(TEE) probes.


  • Do not drop or knock the transducer or transducer lens.This may lead to crystal failure.
  • Do not leave the transducers in places where they are subjected to being knocked.
  • Do not let transducer cables loosely from the ultrasound system.
  • Do not drop transducers into holders or disinfectant containers with lens face down.
  • Do not immerse transducers deeper than permissible levels.Never immerse the connector or adaptor into any liquid.
  • Do not apply excessive bending or pulling force to the transducer cable.
  • Do not apply excessive force on the probe cable or TEE endoscope shaft.Insulation failure may result.

  • To know more about GE transducer care click here
  • To know more about Philips ultrasound probe careclick here

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