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Transesophageal echocardiogram (TEE)is an alternative way to perform an echocardiogram. It is a specialised probe containing an ultrasound transducer at its tip and is passed into the patient's esophagus. this allows image and doppler evaluation which can be recorded.


The constructional details of the TEE probe are illustrated in below figure.

The important parts of the TEE probes are:

  1. Tansducer lens
  2. Distal tip
  3. Flexible shaft
  4. Control housing
  5. Cable
  6. Connector

Transducer lens: 
TEE Lens
Like other ultrasound transducers the TEE probe also has an acoustic lens array made of piezoelectric materials. The array is covered with a rubber material called epoxy filter. The movement of the array is controlled by the control housing.

The constructional diagram of TEE lens is shown in below figure:

Constructional details of TEE lens

Distal tip:The distal tip holds the acoustic array of the TEE probe.

Flexible shaft: this is made of PVC material and is inserted into the body cavity. The shaft contains cables which carries powers for exciting the piezo electric material.

Control housing:

Control Housing of TEE probe
Control housing manages the mechanical movement of the TEE contain two rotator knobs. One for the ante flexion and reflexion and one for the rightward and leftward flexion. it allow the operator to rotate the probe in the angle plane without the movement of probe.

Cable: Connects the control housing with connector.

Connector: Connect the probe with machines

  • Bending rubber damages
  • Articulation cable damages
  • Calibration problems
  • Button and Tip problems
  • Motor complaint
  • CW noise
  • Insertion tube damage
  • Fluid deficiency
  • Coax cable damage

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