Wednesday 4 May 2016


The repairing of probe parts which does not affect the functioning of probes, but in the future may lead to functional damage is called cosmetic reconditioning.
It includes:
  1. Strain relief repair
  2. Cable sheath repair
  3. Cable whitening
  4. Connector case repair
  5. Probe case repair
  6. Lens side filling

Strain relief repair
  • Detached strain relief and section missing can be repaired.

Cable sheath repair
  • Cracks or small cuts on the cable can be repaired

    After cable sheath repair

Cable whitening
  • Dirty and Yellowish cable can be cleaned

Connector case repair
  • Connector case damages like case corrosion can be repaired.
Case repair
  • Small cracks and cuts in the probe case can be repaired.
Lens side filling

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