Monday 18 April 2016


The main parts of the volume probes can be divided into two sections
  1. Electrical part
  2. Mechanical part
Where, the electrical part is exactly same as the 2D probe. The electrical section includes
  • Acoustic lens
  • Acoustic matching layer 
  • Piezoelectric element
  • Backing material
  • Cable
  • Connector
To know more about electrical part click here

The mechanical section of the volume probes contains:
  • Pivot ball
  • Drive wire
  • Mechanical assembly
  • Motor
  1. Pivot Ball: The function of this part is to hold the acoustic array into a single axis.
  2. Drive wire:This is the connection between pivot ball and mechanical assembly. It couples the linear movement from mechanical assembly to pivot ball, which maintains the movement of acoustic array.
  3. Mechanical assembly:It controls the mechanical movement of the motors. It converts the motor produced rotatory movement into linear movement.
  4. Motor:It produces the mechanical movement for the volume probe. The motor converts the electrical power into mechanical power by producing rotatory 
Below figure explains the mechanical parts of a volume probe

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