Thursday 31 March 2016


Mr. Vijesh Kumar
Mr.Vijesh Kumar M.K, one of the talented biomedical engineers in the field of medical ultrasound is one of the active persons behind Probelab, The transducer repair firm in Kerala. He is the chief technical officer (CTO) of the firm and has more than 8 years experience in the field of ultrasound. He is trained in Australia for 4D repair.


Talking about the Probelab, he told that it was their dream to start an independent probe servicing firm which can provide all ultrasound transducer repairs including TEE. He said that their efforts made Probelab to become India’s first TEE probe repair center.

Volume probes

Mr.Vijesh explained the concept/application and repair of 3D/4D probes (generally called the volume probe). He said that “volume probes are widely used in gynecological applications. Especially in the last stage of pregnancy to see the 3D images of baby’s face. In the case of 4D scan the parent can watch the movement of the baby lively. Simply volume probe is a 2D probe with a mechanical assembly to get the volumetric parameters”. On asking about the complaints he replied that “in most cases the complaints are mechanical assembly related. The problems like lens damage and physical damages are less than 2D probes”.

Training experience

Vijesh shared the training experiences, what he got from the training and how it helped him to become a 4D specialist in ultrasound. He described that “the 2 week training in Australia helped me to understand how to make my work from better to best. I was aware of the technologies available in this field, but was not much familiarized. Through this 2 week period I familiarized with these technologies and also got trained. Really the training helped me to improve my skills a lot.

Problems in India

Like his colleague Mr.KJ Mr. Vijesh also put forward the opinion that India needs a federation like FDA to evaluate the quality of ultrasound equipments at the correct time.


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