Tuesday 9 February 2016


Mr. Karthik Janardhanan
Karthik Janardhanan the young Biomedical Engineer stood forth passionately for developing ProbeLab, the ultrasound transducer repair firm in Kerala. He got trained in Australia in 2D repair and is one of the skilled member of probeLab service team. He had seen the possibilities and need of ultrasound transducer service firm in global market and Indian market.

About ProbeLab

ProbeLab is one of India's best ultrasound service centre located in Calicut, Kerala.  It delivers the services from a well experienced  team and offers customers easy and flexible ultrasound probe service option with the help of Australian technology. Probe logic ,the technology partner providing the technical support and training to the team members of ProbeLab which enhancing the quality of service than other firms in India.

The 2D service

When talking about the ultrasound probes there are many questions that desperately seeks answers. For example, What is mean by 2D ultrasound? What are the applications? What are the general damages happening in 2D probes? how they get repaired??
Mr. Karthik has discussed the concept of 2D ultrasound and their damages with us. He said that 2D ultrasound sonography is  applicable for all most all scanning like retinal, cardiac, abdominal etc. It is the most commonly using ultrasound technique and is less expensive compared to 3D and 4D. thus the damage happening rate is also high for 2D probes. He also said that they are getting more enquiry calls for lens replacement 2d service than other services.

To know more about 2D probe service visit http://probelab.in/ or call on 9847069684

The training experiences 

Karthik shared his training experiences, How the training helped him to improve his skills and How he become an expert in 2D probe repair. He said " The one week training in Perth, Australia taught me to analyse the problems in more professional way. It helped me to polish my skill and understand the new technologies in 2D probe repair. Before the training we were aware about the problems. But many spares were unavailable to clear it. By the training we become more familiarised with the market and came to know  where we get the spares. In short we got organized after it. 

Problems in India

What are the common issues in India in the case of ultrasound sonography? and how they are affecting the patients and the quality of our Diagnostic system? He opines that , In India the probes are not getting evaluated correctly before warranty. Many users evaluate their probes only when any physical damage appeared or any visual distortion appeared on USG image. They are actually unaware about the fact that, If we identify the problems in early stage, some of them can be repaired. For example, improper disinfection often cause delamination, which gradually leads to crystal damage. If we identified the delamination in its early stage, the probe can be repaired. Mr. KJ talk about the need of the federations like FDA to evaluate the probes at correct time in India.

Karthik's achievement 

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