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     Ultrasound sonography is a versatile and widely using diagnostic technique in medical field. In this method the equipment comes into direct contact with patients and practitioners, enabling it to be a potential vehicle for the spread of nosocomial infections. To avoid this we go for disinfection process.


     It is the invasion of an organism's body tissue from disease causing agents, their multiplications, and the reduction of host tissue to these organisms and the toxin they produced. It is caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi, macro parasites etc.

Disinfection and Disinfectant 

     The process of destruction of  pathogenic micro organisms and their toxins or vector by direct exposure to chemical or physical agent is called disinfection.
Antimicrobial agents that are applied to non living objects to destroy micro organisms that are living on the object are called disinfectant.

Disinfection of transducers


1. Cleaning
PCI Medical's Model G14KAL Disinfection System

  • All transducers must be cleaned before disinfection.
  • It minimises the microbial load in the probe.
  • We can use small brushes for the cleaning purpose.

2. Disinfection
  • Soak the cleaned transducer in the disinfectant solution at a specific temperature for specific time.
  • Rinse under tap water and dry.
      Only chemicals registered with Therapeutic Good Administration (TGA) as high level instrument grade disinfectants for medical devices are to be used for intracavitary (Transvaginal, Transrectal, Intracavity ,wound and Transoesophageal) transducers. These include:
  • Ortho-phthalaldehyde (OPA) 0.55%
  • Gluteraldehyde 2%
  • Hytrogen Peroxide, used with Trophon ERP systems
  • Peracetic acid, as in STERIS system
  • Chlorine Dioxide, used with Tristel wipe systems
To watch ultrasound transducer disinfection process video click on the below link.

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