Thursday 5 October 2017


  • Currently ultrasound probe acquisition states are manually controlled by ultrasound sonographer. ome times it can be leads to imaging variations, because he acquisition state at any given time is not repeatable at a later time.
  • The hand held force controlled system is the solution for such problems.
  • The controlling the acuisition state through real time feedback leads to more consistent ultrasound image and safer  medical procedures.
  • It is introduced by Mathew Gilbertson, Brian Anthony and Shih-Yu-Sun of MIT

  • The device consist of an ultrasound probe mounted to a backlash free ball screw actuator and driven by a compact servo motor, maintains a prescribed contact force between the ultrasound probe and the patient’s body.
  • The control system consist of force controller and position controller always maintain the actuator centered within the range of motion ,hence prevent the repeated making and breaking of probe-patient contact.

  • Maintains a constant contact force between the ultrasound probe and patient’s body.
  • Provides controlled acquisition state ,hence improves imaging quality.
  • Easier to control & more user friendly
  • Provides the user with visual and audio feedback, informing them the position, orientation, and contact force of the device.
  • Provides push buttons on the device itself, enabling the user to initiate events (e.g., data recording, zeroing the angle) without needing to interact with a computer; hence users can focus on the device rather than the computer screen.
  • Fits comfortably in an ultrasound technician’s hand

System setup
To watch the working of the system click here

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