Thursday 11 May 2017


1. Conductivity fails: 

  • Check that you have immersed the electrodes to a depth of at least one inch (1 inch) and that it is firmly connected to your control box 

2. After Leakage test the RED light pulses: 

  • Confirm that your adapter is plugged in 
  • Wipe the electrodes that mount on the side of the basin with a dry paper towel to remove any possible film that may have formed 
  • Replace the solution in the basin 
  • Replace the 9V battery in the tester

TEE Probe Fails leakage test 

  • Test a different probe to confirm that your leakage current tester is working correctly - if the second probe passes, then you need to remove the probe and be certain to have it serviced  
  • Change 9V battery whenever the LOW BATTERY light flashes red Replace the battery at least yearly regardless of its condition

Extra care Tips for TEE

  • There are other manufacturers that provide similar equipment to perform the electrical check for the TEE probes - follow their guidelines in the performance of the electrical checks 
  •  Remember the TEE probe should also be inspected for any signs of physical damage (bite marks, cuts, etc.) between uses 
  • The electrical check is easy to do and incorporate into the TEE probe cleaning process and ensures that the TEE probe is safe to use
  • Once this process is completed the probe is then ready to be sterilized

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