Wednesday 27 January 2016

Acoustic lens damages in ultrasound probes

Probes are the soul part of all ultrasound imaging systems, because the performance and imaging quality of ultrasonic scanner are highly affected by the characteristic and the structure of the probe. This hand held device often gets damaged due to its constant use. Thus, proper care and regular testing of probes significantly influence the level of operating expenses of the ultrasound systems. 

Common acoustic lens failures

        1.  Holes in lens

This is one of the common lens damage.
    The reasons for this damage are:
  •          Improper cleaning
  •          Rough handling, dropping probes from hand
  •          Use of gels having perfumes or other molecular changing substances.

  • lens with multiple holes

    lens with single hole

\       Holes in lens can lead to delamination
        2. swollen lens

    This is also happening due to the improper cleaning and repeated use. This may leads to delamination and will not get ultrasound image.
     3.    Lens separated from case


     This is occurring due to Improper or insufficient cleaning, or cleaning with wrong substance i.e, alcohol-based wipes on the lens tends to dry the lens and make it detach from the probe.

4    4.    Lens missing



     The only solution for acoustic lens damages is lens replacement.
     For more  information on this visit or call 9847069684



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